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Megan Dams is a producer and host based out of Toronto/Montréal with experience in multiple media fields including Sound Production (Radio, Podcasts, Music Production & Engineering, DJ'ing & Sound Art), Video Production, Graphic Design, and the Performing Arts. This breadth of experience has provided Megan a unique understanding of what makes captivating content. 

She is currently finishing her Bachelor's degree at Concordia University in their Communication Studies program with a concentration in Sound Production. In 2020, she was awarded the Vincent, Olga, and Denis Nicolas Diniacopoulos Scholarship, which recognizes high academic achievement and interdisciplinary talent. Megan's critical academic work and creative production work have also been published in two undergraduate journals.


Since 2021, Megan has been heavily involved with Concordia's campus radio station, CJLO 1690AM, where she hosts her own music show called Purple Hour and serves as their Hip-Hop/R&B Music Director. In 2022, Purple Hour was awarded Best R&B Show in Canada by the NCRA!

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